Children’s Fashion Trends Summer 2019: The Definitive Girl’s Guide

Children’s Fashion Trends Summer 2019: The Definitive Girl’s Guide

Children’s Fashion Trends Summer 2019: The Definitive Girl’s Guide

Floral design girls dress

Forward-thinking fashion needn’t be left purely in the domain of adults. Children of the modern era are very perceptive and also often in tune with pop-culture, especially given the influence of social media and other online platforms. In 2019, little girls aren’t just going to accept any old item of clothing; they want to be wearing the very latest trending fashion items adored by their favourite internet personalities, music artists and friends.

At David Charles Childrenswear, we make it our business to be involved in the constantly developing fashion scene. We’re always aware of the upcoming trends and design choices influencing the unique culture of girls in Britain. Our definitive guide to children’s fashion trends of summer 2019 outlines exactly what you should be looking out for in terms of clothing styles this year.

Children’s Fashion Trends of Summer 2019: It’s All about the Dress

In 2019, the dress is the definitive choice for little girls’ fashion trends. This isn’t just because of the versatility of the dress in terms of style and design, which does allow for a vast array of different forms, concepts and creative ideas to be explored. No, it’s also down to the unarguably rising temperatures experienced year on year. Not only does the dress inspire beautiful options for fashion but comfort too. The modern girl isn’t just perceptive when it comes to style; she is also smart. She knows that in the summer of 2019, the dress is the unparalleled choice for both exciting fashion choices and seasonal practicalities.

With that in mind, what’s in when it comes to dresses and children’s fashion trends of summer 2019? Here’s what you should be looking out for.


What’s the biggest children’s fashion trend of summer 2019? Arguably, it’s the return of the ruffle. The ruffle has become massively influential across the global fashion scene, with everyone from catwalk models to Hollywood stars sporting the design choice. Given its popularity, there is no surprise it has found its way into the trending fashion of younger generations. Incorporated into everything from jackets and shoes to skirts and dresses, the ruffle is currently the pinnacle of fashion. There is no definitive reason for the emergence of the ruffle in the summer of 2019, other than that it’s a bold and striking statement adopted by fashion retailers across the country. Sometimes, we don’t need a reason to enjoy interesting ideas and stylish concepts, but they make no less of an impact. In short, don’t miss out on the ruffle design this year, it is the children’s fashion trend of the summer.

Embroidery and Lace

Embroidery and Lace girls dress

We all know that little girls these days are actually little grown-ups. From playing dress up as royalty to carrying handbags or mobiles like their parents, a hint of maturity is at the heart of a lot of things modern children do. When it comes to their clothing, then, they often want to feel like they’re showcasing that sense of maturity and sophistication. Embroidery on dresses is a design choice that empowers that desire. Being a popular choice of A-list celebrities on red carpets and high-society individuals attending lavish events, delicate embroidery and lace that is subtly woven into designs instantly conveys a “grown-up” look, making it hugely appealing to girls in 2019 and a must-have in their summer wardrobe.


In recent years, there has been a move towards the empowerment of young women and girls, particularly across mainstream media, and this infectious idea has spread into the hearts and minds of many in a big way. From female leads taking prime position in many Hollywood blockbusters to young girls like Greta Thunburg making massive waves on the political stage, 2019 is all about inspiring a brighter future for girls across the UK, and that has become part of their fashion choices, too. Individualism and personality is a major factor in children’s fashion trends of the summer, and print designs are the perfect embodiment of that. These bold and bright statement pieces — often unique to a child’s personal interests and traits — provide the perfect visual expression of the concept of “this is who I am”, which has become so important in 2019.

Bold Colours

Bold colour girls dress

With 2019 being the year of the individual — of the personality — it’s also the year of being bold and, dare we say, ostentatious. Children’s fashion trends of the summer are about being seen and admired; not fading into the background. Vibrancy is the pick of young fashionistas this year. Bright and bold choices — such as single-tone colour dresses — are popular in 2019, with lively pinks, blues and reds all taking centre place on the fashion stage of little girls across the UK.

Floral Design

Floral design girls dress

Floral design is an attractive fashion concept in 2019. Its classic and traditional nature presents a very “retro” design choice that mimics patterns and ideas from iconic fashion trends spanning from the 60s to the 90s. For younger generations, this means dresses that are pretty and colourful, covered in big, bright flowers and beautiful motifs that typify adorable and sweet. For older girls, the floral concept jumps forward in terms of retro design to darker palettes and longer-style dresses that are synonymous with “hippie-chic” and the peace and love movement of the 70s. This is based around the more mature, festival-style fashion that is popular among influencers on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.


Just as prints and singular colour palettes signify boldness and female empowerment, so too is tweed matching with floral design to create retro takes on previous eras of fashion. In 2019, the aesthetic appeal of tweed is making a comeback, inspired by the popularity of old-fashioned design showcased in pop-culture media like Made in Chelsea, as well as by classic British style icons like Kate Middleton. Why tweed? It’s classy. It’s quintessentially Britsh. It’s infused with a concept of wealth and status. Combined with modern fashion concepts and style choices, tweed can bridge the gap between old and new, creating a truly unique fashion twist. It’s exciting, it’s retro but contemporary, and it’s one of the biggest children’s fashion trends of 2019 that you should be paying attention to.

Tea Dresses

In terms of children’s fashion trends for summer 2019, we’ve talked a lot about different elements that can be incorporated into dresses; lace, prints, colours, embroidery, etc. We haven’t, however, covered specific types of dress style and design. So what is the must-have dress of the season? This summer, it’s all about the tea dress. Falling back again on fashion from bygone eras, the tea dress is synonymous with high-class country living of the 1800s, where ladies of wealth and luxury would attend afternoon tea functions wearing informal dresses made from light and flowing fabrics. But why are they back in fashion now? There are a few reasons. Tea dresses suit a lot of different design elements, including those bold colours, floral patterns, delicate embroidery inclusions and prints that have become very popular for the summer of 2019. The versatility of the tea dress essentially means the style itself can be adapted to many different trends little girls will be looking to follow this year. This, coupled with light and flowing fabric that perfectly complements the hot British summer, means top trends can be worn all while enjoying comfortable clothing.

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Other Children’s Fashion Trends of Summer 2019

Girls’ summer dresses are going to be a major part of the children’s fashion trends for summer 2019, but they aren’t the only style choices you should be paying attention to. There are a few other choice pieces of attire and fashion concepts that will affect this year’s fashion trends.

Sustainable Sources

The modern era is all about sustainability and environmentalism. People are becoming more and more conscious of their impact on the planet and society as a whole, and are looking for ways to support better ecological practices and sustainable living for people around the world. As such, there is a shifting focus towards fashion trends that are aligned with these ideals. People want to know they are doing right by others, making sustainable sources an important factor in clothing this year. It may come at extra cost, but as far as children’s fashion trends of summer 2019 go, it’s an important factor many are paying attention to.

Sporty and Urban

Dresses really are going to be a huge part of children’s fashion trends of summer 2019, but little girls aren’t going to want to wear them all the time — well, some might. When a dress won’t fit the occasion, or if you are looking for something to mix up the fashion line, urban and sport-chic is definitely going to be the iconic style of the season. Practical and comfortable, and often complete with bold and exuberant colours and designs, the casual sportswear concept is very in this year.

Floral Headbands

Floral headbands for girls

Recent years have seen a big shift towards the popularity of the animal-ear headband and oversized bows. As for children’s fashion trends for the summer of 2019, though, we’re really looking at a revival of the classic floral headband, although this time around, the designs are a lot more delicate. Pervading style and sophistication with golds and silvers playing a major part in design, this new take on the floral headband is set to be big in 2019.



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